(Read this first!)

Hello! First let me thank you stopping by and I sincerely do hope you enjoy what you see here. The reasoning behind the creation of this site is simple. I hate what is going on in mainstream and social media with all the false narratives and censorship of conservatives. I, personally, think they should keep their filthy noses out of it and let it be what it was originally intended to be… News programs to present facts about what is happening in the world in order to let the public decide where they stand on a subject and social media platforms for people to share whatever they want whether it is agreed upon or not. Instead, they all choose to try and steer us using headlines, scare tactics and whatever else they can get their hands on to throw at the masses in order to achieve their globalist agenda. I believe America is headed toward communism if something doesn’t change, quickly. #Trump2020!!!

That said, I created this to have an outlet to share things of my choosing. Here, you will find blog posts, links to news articles or website I find interesting and worth your time, pictures, videos, etc. The content is very limited at the moment as I am still trying to finalize a design and layout. There will most definitely be more to come!

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